Amazon Prime Day 2023: date and what to expect (2023)

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What to expect from Prime Day 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2023: date and what to expect (1)

Prime Day 2023 is still months away, the next big retail party won't take place until the end of May. Fortunately, there are many of them every offersshopping this week.

But if you're looking for Prime Day deals, you'll likely have to wait until summer. Last year Prime Day was celebrated on Tuesday 12th July and Wednesday 13th July. We predict the Prime Day 2023 date will likely be Tuesday 11th July and Wednesday 12th July.

It's worth noting that we saw two major Amazon retail events last year. There was Prime Day in the summer and the Prime Early Access Sale in October. The latter didn't offer Prime Day deals per se, but was instead a kickoff event for the holiday shopping season.

From discounts on tech to epic sales on fashion, here's what to expect for Prime Day 2023. For more ways to save, check out our list of the best.Amazon-Promo-Codesthis week.

When is Prime Day 2023?

Amazon has not announced the dates for Prime Day 2023. However, Prime Day last year was celebrated on Tuesday 12th July and Wednesday 13th July. As a result, we anticipate that Prime Day 2023 deals are expected to start on Tuesday 11th July and run through Wednesday 12th July.

Can I get a free Amazon Prime membership?

Will Prime Day 2023 include Grubhub deals?

Prime members can ayear free Grubhub Plus membership(opens in a new tab). Additionally, members can use coupon code "PRIME20" to get 20% off orders $15 or more during the Prime Early Access offer. The coupon can only be used once and you must be a Grubhub Plus member to take advantage of this offer.

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Will the Prime Day deals be any good this year?

It's hard to tell if Amazon Prime's early access deal will be any good without looking at the deals. That being said, Amazon is known for offering solid deals at major shopping events.

The retailer has already promised discounts on key brands including Shark, Nespresso, Philips, Oral-B, Samsung, Xiaomi, iRobot, LEGO, Melissa & Doug and Hasbro. Amazon also claims that the event will feature "some of the lowest Amazon prices of the year so far" on select products, including those from Elemis, Braun and Tefal.

However, we always advise consumers to exercise caution as all retailers have their fair share of fake offers and/or over-the-top offers. We therefore recommend that you always check the prices of the offers on a visited websiteCamellocamellocamello(opens in a new tab). On the websites you can track the price development of selected items sold on Amazon. You can also continue reading our guideUse CamelCamelCamel to save money on AmazonPlus, you can count on the Tom's Guide team to highlight the best deals during Amazon's rumor event.

Tips for finding the best Prime Day deals

Price consult all:Our number one rule when shopping on Prime Day is to check the price of what you're buying. Checking Prime Day prices is pretty easy. We are big fans ofCamellocamellocamello, a website that checks the price of millions of items sold on Amazon. The site tracks price lows. So if the item you are looking at was cheaper in March, you can see the difference in price. There's even a Chrome extension calledkameltreiber, which you can install and click at any time to view a product's price history. Please note that there may be some items that CamelCamelCamel does not track.

Don't limit yourself to Amazon:Which brings us to our second point: Prime Day is a fake retail holiday designed to promote Amazon devices and services. However, just as you wouldn't buy your entire wardrobe from one designer, you shouldn't be making all of your Prime Day purchases on Amazon. Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are just a few of the competitors offering their own "Prime Day" sales.

And based on what we saw from these retailers last year, we expect they'll be back to offering very competitive sales for the duration of Prime Day. Conclusion: Amazon does not always offer the best prices.

Benefit from free credits:Amazon really wants you to spend money on Prime Day. However, if there aren't any items you want to buy or you're really trying to stick to your budget, there are some amazing Prime Day deals you can grab right now. We like these deals because after you spend $10, you get $10 in Amazon credit in return.

Be sure to check out our dedicated onesAmazon Promo-Codepage.

Amazon Prime Day 2023: date and what to expect (2)

Beware of the gloomy reviews:In addition to fake offers, buyers should always be on the lookout for fake reviews. Although Amazon has removed many fake reviews from its site, there are so many that it has become almost impossible for Amazon to keep up. That's why we're fans ofwrong pointThe site's engine can analyze the quality of the reviews on each Amazon page and generate a letter score indicating whether the product contains mostly fake reviews or genuine reviews.assessment targetis a similar site that looks for suspicious terminology or repeated phrases in reviews before awarding a failing or passing grade.

Don't be afraid of reforms:Prime Day deals generally do not include deals on refurbished items. However, if you want to save as much as possible, a refurbished item might be the best way to go. Amazon tends to offer solidGeneralüberholte Apple WatchOffers and the dealer also has oneAmazon Warehouse-Website(opens in a new tab)Offers for used, used and open items are listed there.

Alexa and Prime Day offer alerts

Alexa purchases have been around for quite some time. During Prime Day, Alexa can even update you on the day's best deals. However, a new feature allows Amazon's digital assistant to notify Prime members of upcoming product deals they'd like to keep track of. You'll need a next-gen Echo smart speaker or smart display to get this benefit. For existing Prime members, however, it could be a huge benefit during Prime Day. Here it ishow to get Alexa to notify you of upcoming sales.

Prime Day deals: 2022 vs. 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2023: date and what to expect (3)(opens in a new tab)

Reloj Apple 8 (41 mm/GPS):$349 retail price @ Amazon(opens in a new tab)
The Apple Watch 8 features a new skin temperature sensor to monitor sleep tracking and cycle tracking. It also has new advanced safety features like Crash Detection, which can detect when you've been involved in a car accident. In ourApple Watch 8 im Test, let's call it the best smartwatch you can buy. It reached $349 in 2022, but we recommend waiting for a lower price.
Offer price 2023:The Apple Watch has dropped to $329 (GPS/41mm) and $359 (GPS/45mm) in 2023. Therefore, we recommend buying at these prices or lower.

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Amazon Prime Day 2023: date and what to expect (4)(opens in a new tab)

TV LG 55" B2 4K OLED:$976 retail price on Amazon(opens in a new tab)
The LG B2 is a 2022 OLED TV. It uses LG's a7 Gen5 AI processor and supports Dolby Vision/HDR10/HLG formats. Gamers will appreciate the 120 Hz panel as well as LG's Game Optimizer and the integration of two HDMI 2.1 ports. It also has the built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with support for Apple HomeKit.
Offer price 2023:The 55-inch model sold for just $949 in 2023. However, keep in mind that the 55-inch LG A2 OLED reached $796 this year. It's a base model, but it's the cheapest 55-inch OLED we've seen.

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Amazon Prime Day 2023: date and what to expect (5)(opens in a new tab)

AirPods Pro (2022):$239 retail price on Amazon(opens in a new tab)
The recently announced AirPods Pro 2 pack Apple's new H2 chip to offer twice the noise cancellation of its predecessors. They also offer custom spatial audio with dynamic head tracking for a more immersive audio experience. They're $10 off now, but were $26 off on Prime Day (and we think they'll be cheaper on Black Friday).
Offer price 2023:AirPods Pro 2 fetched $199 on Amazon, Best Buy, and Verizon this year. We recommend buying at this price or below.

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Amazon Prime Day 2023: date and what to expect (6)(opens in a new tab)

TV rooms:Deals starting at $89 on Amazon(opens in a new tab)
Amazon Prime Day deals start with TVs starting at $89. Keep in mind that cheap TVs tend to be smaller 720p models (which are better suited to the kid's bedroom or guest room). However, the sale also includes larger sets. These are some of the cheapest TVs we've seen on Amazon.

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Amazon Prime Day 2023: date and what to expect (7)(opens in a new tab)

Grubhub Plus:1 year free + 20% discount on Amazon(opens in a new tab)
Prime members get Grubhub Plus for free for one year. At a regular price of $9.99/month, that's a total savings of $119. Grubhub Plus gives you access to $0 unlimited shipping on orders $12 or more. On October 12th you can get 20% discount on Grubhub orders of $15 or more with the coupon "PRIME20". The coupon can only be used once and you must be a Grubhub Plus member to take advantage of this offer.

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