Amazon Prime Day 2023: when is it and what can I expect? (2023)

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For Amazon Prime Day 2023, we expect another big pile of savings this summer. It's also more than likely that we'll see a second event before Black Friday.

Last year's first Amazon Prime Day sale ran from July 12-13, and there were hundreds of deals on popular brands and products, exclusively for Prime members. This was announced in SeptemberA second Prime Day sale would take place in Octoberwho saw similar offers at record prices.

Prime Day 2, also known as the Prime Early Access sale, ran from October 11-12, 2022 and gave Prime members exclusive access to early access deals a month earlierBlack Friday(opens in new tab)Season.

In this guide, we'll show you what to expect in 2023 and show you the best deals. If you want to buy now, this can help you get more money from your purchases.Amazon discount codes(opens in new tab).

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Prime Day is usually held in the second week of July, although there have been some anomalies in recent years due to the pandemic and the Olympics. However, for 2023, we expect another regular occurrence of the sales event (fingers crossed). With that in mind, the most likely dates at the time of writing are July 11th and 12th, 2023. These will likely be confirmed a few weeks in advance.

Last year's Prime Day Sale ran from July 12-13, 2022 and featured some of the best deals during the two-day event. There were record low prices in several departments, especially on Amazon devices.

At the end of September 2022, it was announced that Prime Day 2 will take place from 11th to 12th October in 15 different countries including UK, US, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and many more. This sale was for Prime members to get early bargain dealsBlack Friday(opens in new tab).

How to Get a Free Prime Account for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2023: when is it and what can I expect? (1)

(Image credit: Christian Wiediger / Unsplash)

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It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that you must be an Amazon Prime member to shop the Prime Day sale.

In addition to shopping on the Prime Day sale, Amazon Prime members also get early access to ALL Lightning Deals and additional Prime benefit deals like coupon deals, free Deliveroo Plus, and more. While non-Prime members can shop on Amazon during Prime Day, the discounts aren't that huge, so a Prime membership is definitely worth considering.

If you're new to Prime,Amazon Prime is available as a 30-day free trial(opens in new tab)for all new members. If you're a student there's even better news, as Amazon is offering a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime for Prime Student, and it'll only cost you £4.49 a month after that.

To shop on the Prime Day sale, we recommend signing up for a Prime account a few weeks before the sale date so you can shop for free. You can always cancel your account if you're not happy with it and you'll get the best deals on Prime Day sales, free unlimited delivery and you haven't paid a dime for the membership fee. If you decide to keep your Prime account, keep reading our guide.How to Save Money on Amazon Prime(opens in new tab)for money saving hacks.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime Now(opens in new tab)and go shopping!

What were the best Prime Day deals of 2022?

Prime Day had some of the best deals across multiple departments of this year's sale. The best deals were on a variety of tech, kitchen and beauty products. for example theTV Samsung QN90A(opens in new tab)it was half the price on offer thatAmazon Echo Dot(opens in new tab)cost just £39, and thePhilips Sonicare Diamond Clean 9000(opens in new tab)had £400 deducted from its price. Other base prices include thoseFitbit Versa 2(opens in new tab),George Foreman Kettle Charcoal Grill(opens in new tab),Philips Hue smart bulbs(opens in new tab)EKindle Unlimited free for 3 months(opens in new tab).

Overall, Amazon devices saw the biggest discounts, with Echo speakers, Blink cameras, Kindles and Fire tablets all at record prices. Shark vacuums have also seen their prices slashed, Tower kitchen appliances have gone super cheap, and Beats, Sony and Samsung headphones have become incredibly popular.

Which brands had the best prices on Prime Day 2022?

Regarding brands,Amazon wrote on about which brands would be part of the sale.(opens in new tab). A spokesperson said:

“The two-day event features must-see brands such as Philips, Bosch, Elemis, Rimmel, Urban Decay, Garnier, Miele, Samsung and Shark; styles from fashion brands like Amazon Essentials, Puma, and Swarovski; and Amazon's lowest-ever prices on select Sony and Bose products."

From this list we can confirm that Sony and Bose were two of the best selling brands this year, with great prices for speakers, earbuds and headphones. Philips, Samsung and Shark saw big price drops, and makeup brands like Rimmel were the biggest sellers.

Due to the cost of living crisis, we believe people are using these sales to stock up on household necessities. From soap dish to hangers, tea bags to cat food, more and more people are looking for cheap prices on these products and luckily, Amazon offers amazingly low prices on these products, especially on their in new tab)book page.

Will the price of Prime go up?

Amazon prime iswent up in price in the UK in September 2022(opens in new tab). On September 15th, monthly and annual Prime costs increased on Standard and Student accounts.

This brings the monthly subscription fee to £8.99, which is £1 more expensive than before, and the yearly subscription increases to £16 from £79 to £95. For students, the cost increases from £3.99 to £4.49 per month and the annual subscription is now £47.49, up from £39.

So, if you want Prime to shop at the Prime Day Sale, we recommend signing up before the event, and if you're new, you can shop with a free trial. You can cancel Prime at any time so you won't be too affected by the price increase.

Will Prime Day 2 be better than Black Friday?

Prime Day is heralded as Amazon's biggest selling event of the year, but Amazon is also known for friday sales(opens in new tab). Last year, Amazon started its Black Friday sales earlier, weeks before the official sale date. Many shoppers were able to take advantage of the initial discounts and themed weeks that Amazon held before Black Friday.

(Video) Amazon Prime Day 2022 am 12. bis 13. Juli 📦 So lohnt es sich!

However, there is a fundamental difference between Prime Day and Black Friday. The most obvious one is that Black Friday is not an Amazon-only sale, retailers around the world join in and drop their prices during Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​Monday weekend. Black Friday is also available to all shoppers, not just Prime members.

As Black Friday is the most famous shopping event, it is usually possible to find cheaper prices. However, Amazon is a major part of Black Friday sales, and their Prime Day sales have some of the cheapest deals of the day. That's not to say that Amazon doesn't have low prices on Black Friday, but if you're a regular Amazon shopper or Prime user, you can find the cheapest deals available during the Prime Day sale.

Since Prime Day 2 takes place in October, that means the event takes place a month before Black Friday. This gives us the idea that Prime Day 2 could come close to competing with Black Friday and will likely offer Prime members the cheapest prices on this sale.

Best Amazon Prime Day Product Categories

Amazon Prime Day 2023: when is it and what can I expect? (2)(opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Day TV Deals(opens in new tab)
Amazon is among the top retailers shopping for TV deals all year round, but especially on Prime Day. It stocks all the big brands and offers deep discounts on a variety of sizes, from the tiny 42-inch to the massive 75-inch.
Check Out All The Amazon Prime Day TV Deals(opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Day 2023: when is it and what can I expect? (3)(opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Day Tablet Deals(opens in new tab)
Amazon is the top destination for tablet deals as it has a full range of iPads, Android devices and its own Fire tablet. All Prime Day sales saw significant price drops on sets 7, 8, 10, kids and HD. So if you need a new tablet, check Amazon.
View All Amazon Prime Day Tablet Deals(opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Day 2023: when is it and what can I expect? (4)(opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Day Laptop Deals(opens in new tab)
Amazon offers a wide range of laptops, many of which are discounted through the Prime Day Sale. Laptops and 2-in-1 Chromebooks saw the biggest price drops this year, including discounts on devices from Apple, Asus, Acer, HP, Lenovo and Dell.
View All Amazon Prime Day Laptop Deals(opens in new tab)

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Amazon Prime Day 2023: when is it and what can I expect? (5)(opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Amazon Devices(opens in new tab)
In the Prime Day 2022 sale, Amazon devices saw the biggest discounts, with the Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Fire TV Sticks hitting their all-time low prices. Fire tablets, Kindles and Blink security cameras were also in the mix and are regularly dropping in price, so keep an eye out for them for the next sale.
See all Amazon Prime Day deals for Amazon devices(opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Day 2023: when is it and what can I expect? (6)(opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Day Headphone Deals(opens in new tab)
From headphones to true wireless headphones, Amazon's Prime Day sale was full of headphone deals. Sony, Beats, Bose, Apple and JLab all took big price cuts, and there were also a number of wired and wireless deals up for grabs.
View all Amazon Prime Day headphone deals(opens in new tab)

Prime member benefits to be used on Prime Day

Signing up for Amazon Prime doesn't just give you access to Lightning Deals and the Prime Day Sale. Prime members also get other benefits like Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Gaming, Prime Reading, flexible delivery options, unlimited storage with Amazon Photos, and shopping perks like savings on recipes and groceries. So if you wantSave Extra Money on the Prime Day Sale(opens in new tab), here are the best Prime member perks you should definitely take advantage of this Prime Day.

Check your delivery options

While Prime's main benefit isflexible deliveries(opens in new tab), a delivery option that can save you money is free shipping without rush. If you are not in a hurry to buy your items or want to save some money, please select the no rush option at checkout and your order will be delivered in 3-5 days. It's still free, and as a thank you for your patience, Amazon will automatically give you a discount on your next order.

Use Amazon coupons

New coupons are added every dayvale amazon(opens in new tab)Page you can collect and use at checkout to earn extra money on your orders. Go to Amazon's coupon page, find the coupon you want - for example, a coupon for 30% off wireless headphones - and click "Redeem Coupon". This will take you to an order detail page and the discount will be applied at checkout.

Experiment before you buy

Amazon Try Before You Buy(opens in new tab)Here, Prime members can select up to 6 eligible clothing items from their Prime wardrobe and try them on for free. You have a week to try on the clothes or shoes to make sure they fit, and after the 7-day trial period, you pay for what you want to keep and return what you don't.

(Video) Amazon Prime Day 2022 - Echte Knaller Deals zum Flippen - Arbitrage Strategie

sign up and save

If you make repeat purchases on Amazon every week or month, use Subscribe and Save. This consolidates all your frequent purchases like toiletries, cleaning products and beauty essentials, making it easy to check out and offering up to 15% off the original price when scheduling repeat deliveries.

What kind of sales has Amazon made in the past?

Amazon Prime Day 2023: when is it and what can I expect? (7)

(Image credit: ANIRUDH / Unsplash)

A look at Amazon's sales over the past year is a good indication of what to expect from its upcoming sales, including Prime Day, Black Friday, and another potential Prime Day 2 event. site'Deals of the Day'(opens in new tab)Section.

At T3 we like to consider ourselves experts in big sales events. So if we look at Amazon's 2022 sales patterns, we've made some predictions about what to expect in 2023.

Like most retailers, Amazon adheres to seasonal holidays, so earlier this year we had thosespring sale on amazon(opens in new tab), which did business in a wide range of products, including laptops, deep fryers, headphones and lawn mowers. Since Prime Day was in July, this sale had deals on absolutely everything, but specifically Amazon gadgets, air conditioning, vacuums, and premium beauty products.

As we move into the summer, Amazon has released itssale back to school(opens in new tab)that had cheap prices for tablets, stationery, fashion and textbooks. Finally, to close the summer, we saw theAmazon end of summer sale(opens in new tab)Shoppers spoiled for low prices on home improvement tools, kitchenware, smart security cameras, razors, coffee makers and more.

Amazon typically hosts themed weeks throughout the year, especially on the eve of the Black Friday event. So far this year there has been Gardening Week andfragrance week(opens in new tab). All this gives us a strong indication that these agreements may return in 2023.




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