Beyoncé makes Grammy history with her 32nd career win (2023)

Beyonce, who lost one of her awards because she was stuck in traffic, made history by winning her 32nd careerGrammytrophy and became the most decorated artist of the event. To a standing ovation, she said, "I try not to get too emotional." She received six of the night's nine nominations, including best R&B album for "Cuff It."

surpassed Beyoncéquincy jonesearlier in the evening with his 29th win. And by her 32nd, she eclipsed the MaestroGeorg Solti.

The coveted album of the year went toHarry StylesforHarry's house. A grandma fan even presented him with the award, in return he hugged her warmly. He said: "It doesn't happen often to people like me. It's so, so cool.” It also won Best Pop Vocal Album.

Some notable awards include…LizzoWinner of Record of the Year for "About Damn Time",Bonnie Raittwon song of the year for "Just Like That".Adelewon Best Pop Solo Performance for "Easy On Me". ANDSamara joywon the award for best new artist.

Best Rock Performance and Best Song went toBrandi Carlileand Best Rock Album went toOzzy Osborne.

LL Cool J,Miss Elliot,Icetea,Run DMC,salt-n-pepper, and others performed in honor of hip-hop's 50th anniversary.

Also noteworthy after accepting withSam Smithfor "profane",Peter Kimbecame the first transgender woman to win Best Duo or Group. Some other spectacular performances includedcoelho always,Harry Styles,Mary J. Blige,Chris Stapleton, and Lizzo.

Trevor Noahhosted the65ºGrammy Awardof Los Angeles for the third consecutive year.


album of the year

Harry Styles

(Video) Beyoncé Breaks Record For Most GRAMMY Wins In History | 2023 GRAMMYs

Harry's house

annual record

Lizzo "About Damn Time"

song of the year

"Just as"
Bonnie Raitt, Komponistin (Bonnie Raitt)

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Sam Smith and Kim Petras

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

Michael Buble

Best Dance/Electronic Recording

Beyoncé, Terius "The-Dream" Gesteelde-Diamant, Jens Christian Isaksen and Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, producers; Stuart White, master

Beste Rock-Performance

(Video) Beyoncé Makes Grammy History By Winning 32nd Grammy Of Her Career

"Broken Horses"
Brandi Carlile

Beste Metal-Performance

"Rules of Degradation"
Ozzy Osbourne mit Tony Iommi

Bester Rocksong

"Broken Horses"
Brandi Carlile, Phil Hanseroth and Tim Hanseroth, composers (Brandi Carlile)

Best Rock Album

Patient Number 9

Ozzy Osbourne

Best Pop-Solo-Performance


"Easy for me"

Bestes Dance/Electronic-Album

(Video) Beyoncé Makes Grammy History with 32nd Award Win!



best rap album

Kendrick Lamar

Mr. Morale & the big steppers

Best Country Album

willie nelson

a nice time

Best Pop Vocal Album

Harry Styles

Harry's house

Bester R&B-Song

(Video) Beyoncé's Grammy Glory with Renaissance and 32 Career Win

Beyoncé „Manschette es“

Best urban music album

coelho always

Harry Styles' Harry's House wins Best Pop Vocal Album

  • "Thanks very much. This album was the greatest experience of my life from start to finish. Doing it with two of my best friends, playing it in front of people, was the greatest joy I could ever ask for. so i want to do it thanks to Rob, Jeffrey, Tommy, Tom, Tom, Tyler and everyone who inspired this album, everyone, all my friends who supported me in this. Thanks very much. I wouldn't be here without you. Thank you! Thank you. Hugs and applause.”:37 OC...thank you very much. hugs and applause

Sam Smith and Kim Petras Win Best Duo or Group for "Unholy"

  • "Oh my God. Thanks very much. Crazy Sam, I love you so much. And this song has been an amazing journey for me. And Sam has been a supporter of my award for so long because I'm the first transgender woman to win this award to be here tonight. Especially Sophie, my friend who died two years ago, who told me this would happen and who always believed in me. Thanks for the inspiration Sofia. I adore you and your inspiration will forever be in me Music. Madonna for fighting for LGBT rights. Many. I don't think I could be here without Madonna. My mother. I never grew up next to a Autobahn anywhere in Germany. And my mother believed that I'm a girl and I would I'm not here without her And her support applause And to everyone who has believed in me so far, I love her very much. The Recording Academy, thank you. This is a big moment for me. Sam thank you you are a true angel and hero in my life. And I love you. And everyone who made the music too, I love you so much. Sorry I didn't write down the names. I love you. OK. Bye! Applause"1:52 OC... Okay, bye, bye, cheers

Bad Bunny wins Best Urban Music Album

  • "Wow. Thank you. Applause Oh wow, that's really humbling. It's just because I made this album with love and passion. One more thing. Love and passion. And when you do things with love and passion, everything becomes easier. Life is easier I want to thank everyone, everyone who has heard my music Speaking Non-English Speaking Non-English Hugs and applause Speaking Non-English I would like to dedicate this award to Puerto Rico —1:14 OC… to Puerto Rico cheers and cheers

Kendrick Lamar wins Best Rap Album

  • "No, first of all I want to thank my family for giving me the courage and vulnerability to share these stories and my truth through this album. That's the first and most important thing. I want to say thank you - cheers. That's right. I want to thank my fans for trusting me with these words, you know? Yes. You know, as artists, we are all artists. Dumb. And we say things to evoke thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Making this album - it's one of my most difficult records to make. And it allowed me to do that, and it allowed me to share other people's experiences. As I look back and think about where I started with rap, how far I've come, I want to thank the culture for allowing me to move forward to make music. Applause like "Mom, I'm sober." This is something special for me. All we ever wanted was to be the greatest underground artists of all time and I finally found imperfection on this album. So I appreciate you, I love you. ♪♪”1:10 OC...I love you

Beyoncé accepts the award for most Grammy wins of all time, as well as the award for best dance/electronic album

  • "Thanks very much. I try not to be too emotional. And I'm just trying to record it tonight. Best wishes and applause. I want to thank God for protecting me. Thank you god I want to thank my Uncle Johnny who is not here. But he is here in spirit. Applause I want to thank my parents, my father, my mother for loving and encouraging me. I want to thank my gorgeous husband, my beauty three kids watching at home. I want to thank the queer community for their love Cheers and Cheers and for inventing this genre. God bless you. Big thanks to the Grammys. hugs and cheers.1:21 OC... Grammys, thanks

Dr.Dre accepts the Dr. Dre Global Impact

  • "Yes. I am very happy about this award. I would like to thank the Recording Academy and the Black Musi Collective for this honor. I know everyone here probably already knows this, but this is the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. Cheers and Cheers Make Hip-Hop Loud. Yes. And where would I be without it? Where would a lot of people be here without hip hop to be honest? Hip-hop became a lifeline for me as a teenager in Compton. And it started with a song called "The Adventures of the Grandmaster Flashes on Wheels of Steel". Scratching and mixing on the turntables got me hooked and became the entry point into a 40-year career doing something I really love. Lots of What I Love Is Involved Collaborating to create a team of talented artists, engineers and musicians who have different talents than mine and who shine in ways I don't have has been inspiring and critical to my success. And I am to all those who have composed, very grateful to your team over the years. And without their contribution I would not receive this award. Applause Yes. I also thank all the people who have been by my side many times in the difficult moments of my life that got me to this point in my life you know Inspiration is one of my favorite words and as a creative it's what I'm always looking for e and hope to put it behind me long after I die. What I love about this award is that it uses my name to inspire the next generation of producers, artists and entrepreneurs to reach their greatness and challenge it to everyone around them. Cheers and never compromise your vision. Go for quality over quantity. And remember that everything is important. That's one of my mottos, everything is important. Thanks very much. Am grateful. hugs and applause”2:16 OC...thanks hugs and applause

Adele wins Best Pop Solo Performance

  • "Oh thanks. I was really looking forward to coming tonight. I just want to dedicate this to my son Angelo. Oh god Richie said not to cry. He said if you win tonight don't cry. Here cry I. Just for my son I wrote this first verse in the shower when I decided to change my son's life and he was nothing but humble gracious and loving to me the whole time I love a piano ballad with him . Any kind of award, very old fashioned and very sombre. Love you all. I love you. Good night! Hugs and applause":45 OC...good night. hugs and applause

Samara Joy accepts the award for Best New Artist

  • "I'm so, oh my god! I can't believe I've seen you guys on TV for so long. To be here with all of you who were born and raised in the Bronx, New York, my family is here. I've sung all my life. My grandparents, my father... I'm sorry. Thank you for this honor. Thank you to all the people who have listened to me, who have supported me, you are all so inspiring to me. You all have inspired me because of who you are. You express yourself by showing exactly who you authentically are. So being here, just being myself, just being who I was born to be. I am so grateful. Thanks to my team, thanks to the manager, Matt, Chris. All on the virv label. My little brother is here as my date, thanks Zach! Thank you all! Have a wonderful no, I'm so grateful. Thanks. hugs and applause”SOUDNCUE 1:08 OC... grateful thanks hugs and applause

Harry Styles wins Album of the Year

(Video) BEYONCÉ Tears Up Accepting RECORD BREAKING 32ND GRAMMY Award

  • "Man I've been so inspired by all the artists in this category at so many different times in my life. I listen to everyone in this category when I'm alone. I think on nights like this it's obviously very important to remember that there's no such thing as the best in music. I don't think either of us sits in the studio and makes decisions based on what either of them is going to give us. That is very nice. I am so thankful that I will pass it on to my co-workers. That doesn't happen often to people like me, and that's so nice, thank you very much. Applause"SOUDNCUE :57 OC...big applause

Bonnie Raitt named song of the year for "Just Like That".

  • "Oh my god. Cheers and cheers I'm so amazed. I don't know what to say. This is just an unreal moment. Thank you for honoring me with all the academia that surrounds me with so much support and appreciate the art of songwriting as I do. I was so inspired by this song by the incredible story of love, grace and generosity of someone donating their beloved organs to help someone else. And that story was so simple and... so beautiful for that time and people responded to it. Music partly because I love so much and we all love John Prine and that was the inspiration for the music of this song and telling a story from within. And me simple – I don't write many songs but I'm so proud that you appreciate that and what it means to me and the rest of the songwriters.I wouldn't be here tonight if it wasn't for the art of the hardworking people and congratulations S eelengräber, who set these songs and ideas to music. Thanks to my team for helping me release this record. And thank you very much. I'm totally humiliated. I really want it. Thanks. Applause"1:38 OC... thanks applause

Lizzo wins record of the year for "About Damn Time."

  • “I would like to dedicate this award to Prince. Cheers and cheers Um, when we lost the prince I decided to dedicate my life to positive music. And I was like I don't care if my positivity bothers you, what's the matter with you? And that at a time when positive music and feel-good music was not yet mainstream. I felt very misunderstood. I felt like I was looking inside from the outside. But I stayed true to myself because I wanted to make the world a better place, so I had to be that change to make the world a better place. Cheers and Cheers And now I look around and there are all these songs that talk about loving our bodies and being comfortable in our skin and feeling good! Cheers and cheers and I'm very proud to be a part of it. Because in a world where there's a lot of darkness and a lot -- I'd like to believe that not only can people do good, but that we're just good. We are good by nature. And if you feel misunderstood at home or look in as an outsider, like me, just be true to yourself, because I promise you, you will find people, you will attract people into your life who believe in you and support you. I want to thank you all for believing in me and supporting me. Blake and Ricky Reed, producers of this album, Nice Life Atlantic, period, Kevin Alana, Team Lizzo, My Team My Rock, my family, my mother, my sister, my brother, my father! My man. And finally, why I feel like there are so many famous artists. Beyonce, wow! Applause In fifth grade, I skipped class to see your performance. Laughter My sister, she took me out of school. It was literature, I'm fine. And where are you, Beyonce in my eyes are wet. There are! You changed my life. You sang that gospel medley. And the way you made me feel, I wanted to make people feel that way with my music. So thank you. You are clearly the artist of our lives! Cheers and cheers, I love you, God bless you. Shouting"2:42 OC...God bless you all screams


Beyoncé makes Grammy history with her 32nd career win? ›

It's official: Beyoncé has made GRAMMY history. Her win for Best Dance/Electronic Album

Best Dance/Electronic Album
Nominees for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album include Beyoncé's Renaissance, Bonobo's Fragments, Diplo's Diplo, ODESZA's The Last Goodbye, and RÜFÜS DU SOL's Surrender. › news › dance-electronic-music-gr...
for 'RENAISSANCE' put her GRAMMY total at 32, the most of all time. After winning the award for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album, Beyoncé now holds the all-time record
Record Of The Year, Explained

The Record Of The Year GRAMMY goes to the artist(s), producer(s), and engineer(s) involved in crafting the specific recording (hence "record") of a song. For example, the winner at the 57th GRAMMY Awards for Record Of The Year was "Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)" by Sam Smith. › news › whats-difference-grammy-...
for most GRAMMY wins.

What are Beyoncé's 32 GRAMMYs for? ›

With a total of 32 awards and 88 nominations from the Grammy Awards for her music (including her work in Destiny's Child and The Carters), she is the most-awarded and most nominated (tied alongside her husband Jay-Z) artist in Grammy history.

Who has 32 GRAMMYs? ›

The record for the most Grammy Awards won in a lifetime is held by Beyoncé, an American singer, songwriter, record producer and dancer, who has won 32. It was previously held by Georg Solti, a Hungarian-British conductor, who won 31.

How many GRAMMYs did Beyoncé win for 2023? ›

In the win heard around the world, Beyoncé became the person with the most GRAMMYs of all time at the 2023 GRAMMYs. Her win for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album for RENAISSANCE put her at 32 golden gramophones — and in host Trevor Noah's eyes, that solidified her title as the GRAMMY GOAT.

Whose record did Beyoncé break for most GRAMMYs? ›

Beyoncé accepting her record-breaking 32nd Grammy Award. Going into Sunday night, the holder of that record was Hungarian-British orchestra conductor Georg Solti, who died in 1997 having won 31 Grammys for musical achievements like his definitive recording of Richard Wagner's complete Ring cycle.

How many Grammys has Beyoncé had? ›

Queen of Grammys: Beyoncé officially has the most Grammy Awards of any artist. Beyonce just became the most awarded artist in Grammys history, with a record 32 wins.

How many Grammys does Beyoncé have? ›

To date, Beyoncé has won 28 GRAMMYs and has received 79 GRAMMY nominations overall. She has been nominated for more GRAMMYs than any other artist in history, and her four awards in 2021 helped her earn the most GRAMMY wins of all time for a female artist or any singer altogether.

What record did Beyoncé break? ›

She's that girl. Beyoncé accepts the award for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album for Renaissance during the 65th Annual Grammy Awards at Arena in Los Angeles on Feb. 5, 2023.

What year did Beyoncé win the most Grammys? ›

Beyoncé made history at the 2023 GRAMMYs by becoming the artist with the most GRAMMY wins — ever — when she won the GRAMMY for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album for her 2022 album, Renaissance. Beyoncé now counts 32 total GRAMMY wins.

Did Beyoncé break the all time GRAMMY win record at the Grammys 2023? ›

Watch Beyoncé Break The Record For Most GRAMMY Wins In History | 2023 GRAMMYs. It's official: Beyoncé has made GRAMMY history. Her win for Best Dance/Electronic Album for 'RENAISSANCE' put her GRAMMY total at 32, the most of all time.

Who has more awards Beyoncé or Whitney? ›

Beyoncé (660) has become the most awarded female act in history, surpassing Whitney Houston (657).

Who has more Grammys than Beyoncé? ›

In 2020, she became the woman with the most career Grammy wins (28), surpassing Alison Krauss. Beyoncé also now stands alone as the living artist with the most Grammys. She's had been tied for that distinction with the legendary Quincy Jones.

Who has the most Grammys Jay-Z or Beyoncé? ›

Queen of Grammys: Beyoncé officially has the most Grammy Awards of any artist. Beyonce just became the most awarded artist in Grammys history, with a record 32 wins.

Has Beyoncé ever won best album? ›

Beyoncé has never taken home the coveted Album of the Year award.

Who has 9 Grammys? ›

Frank Sinatra Sheryl Crow931
James Blackwood Sr.926
Brandi Carlile925
Natalie Cole921
143 more rows

Who has 24 Grammys? ›

Kanye West (24 wins)

Kanye West has accumulated his 21 Grammys in even less time than his frequent collaborator Jay-Z. He won three awards in rap and R&B categories in 2004, and then he kept winning almost every year until 2013, when he received his most recent plaudits.

What was Beyoncé's first Grammy? ›

The year 2006 saw six more nominations for Beyoncé — two as a solo artist, and four as a member of Destiny's Child. She rolled up in a form-fitting embellished gown and walked away with an award for best R&B performance by a duo or group with vocals for "So Amazing," her Stevie Wonder collaboration.

Who did Beyoncé lose a Grammy to? ›

Despite Beyoncé being the most awarded artist in the history of the Grammys, she's never taken Album of the Year. She lost the trophy to Adele in 2017 for Lemonade, in 2015 her self-titled album was beaten by Beck and in 2010 I Am…

Who has 31 Grammys? ›

Georg Soltí: 31 Grammys

British-Hungarian conductor Georg Soltí kept the Grammy win record at 31 awards for 25 years. The renowned orchestral leader won his last Grammy in 1998 — just months after he died in September of 1997 at age 84 — for his recording of Richard Wagner's opera Die Meistersinger Von Nürnberg.

What singer has won 10 Grammys? ›

Bonnie Raitt – 10 Grammys

Her first was in 1990 where she took home four awards, including for Album of the Year for Nick of Time. One of her most recent awards was in 2013 for Best Americana Album for Slipstream.

How many number 1 hits did Beyoncé have? ›

American singer-songwriter and producer Beyoncé has achieved 22 number-one songs on the U.S. Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, and ranks 4th among the top 100 Dance Club Songs artists.

Has Beyoncé ever had a number 1? ›

1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Beyonce's chart history reveals that she's had eight No. 1 hits since her making her solo debut in 2003 with Dangerously In Love, starting with that album's first and second singles.

Which singer broke the most records? ›

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Elvis Presley is still the best-selling artist in music history with more than 1 billion album and song sales worldwide.

Who won 4 Grammys in one night? ›

Christopher Cross swept the board at the 23rd Annual Grammy Awards in 1981, becoming the first artist to win the four major categories in the same year.

Who broke the record for the most Grammys ever won? ›

Beyoncé has broken the record for the most Grammy wins of all time, with 32, after earning four awards from the Recording Academy in the 2023 proceedings.

Who is the youngest person to ever win a Grammy? ›

On the flip side, the youngest person to win a Grammy was 8-year-old Leah Peasall, who won in 2001.

Who is the most talented recording artist to never win a Grammy? ›

Believe it or not, the legendary Diana Ross has never won a Grammy. Her first of 13 nominations was in 1964 for "Baby Love," and she was nominated nearly every year from 1970 to 1982 without a win.

Who has more awards Rihanna or Beyoncé? ›

Beyoncé and Rihanna have each received multiple honors for their remarkable contributions to the music industry. To date, Beyoncé remains the vocalist with the most Grammy Awards in history with 28 wins to her name.

Who has won the most music awards in history? ›

Most wins. The record for most American Music Awards won is held by Taylor Swift with 40 awards. The record for most American Music Awards won by a male artist belongs to Michael Jackson, who has collected 26 awards.

Did Beyoncé break Whitney Houston record? ›

Beyoncé Breaks Whitney Houston's NAACP Image Awards Record To Become Ceremony's Most Awarded Act EVER - That Grape Juice.

Does Adele have more Grammys than Beyoncé? ›

Blige, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lamar, Bad Bunny, ABBA and Coldplay. Bey has already won a whopping 28 Grammys overall and Adele has earned 15.

What is the biggest Grammy Award? ›

Unlike the other Grammy awards, the nomination and voting process for the Big Four are open to all Academy voting members. They are the most prestigious and important awards at the ceremony.

How many Grammys do Michael Jackson have? ›

Michael Jackson won 13 Grammy Awards, including 8 for the album Thriller. Jackson was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice: in 1997 as a member of the Jackson 5 and in 2001 for his solo career. Jackson also helped open the doors for Black artists on the radio and on television (particularly MTV).

Who is the number 1 richest rapper? ›

News Across the U.S.

Here's where the top five richest rappers stood in 2022, according to a report from former Forbes editor Zack O'Malley Greenburg: Jay-Z: $1.5 billion (October 2022) Diddy: $1 billion (October 2022) Ye: $500 million (October 2022)

Who is the most nominated Grammy artist? ›

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the most nominated artists in GRAMMY history. In 2021, Jay-Z set the record as the artist with the most GRAMMY nominations ever at the time with 83.

Which couple has the most Grammys? ›

Beyoncé (b. Beyoncé Knowles) and Jay-Z (b. Shawn Carter; both USA) won 56 Grammys combined between 1999 and 2023.

What songs did Beyoncé get Grammys for? ›

She broke the record with a varied haul: Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Plastic Off the Sofa,” Best Dance Recording for “Break My Soul,” Best R&B Song for “Cuff It,” and the one that put her over, Best Dance/Electronic Album for Renaissance.

How many Grammys did Beyoncé get for Dangerously in Love? ›

At the 46th Annual Grammy Awards (2004), the album and its songs won five awards, including Best Contemporary R&B Album; Beyoncé consequently tied with Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Norah Jones for the record of most Grammy Awards won by a woman at a single ceremony.

Who has 26 Grammys? ›

Artists with the most Grammys

Quincy Jones, 28. Alison Krauss, 27. Chick Corea, 27. Pierre Boulez, 26.

What was Beyoncé's first GRAMMY? ›

The year 2006 saw six more nominations for Beyoncé — two as a solo artist, and four as a member of Destiny's Child. She rolled up in a form-fitting embellished gown and walked away with an award for best R&B performance by a duo or group with vocals for "So Amazing," her Stevie Wonder collaboration.

Do artist get paid for winning a GRAMMY? ›

Formally, there are no cash prizes associated with winning a Grammy award and even selling the statue is against the rules of the Recording Academy, the organization that presents the awards.

Who did Beyoncé lose a GRAMMY to? ›

Despite Beyoncé being the most awarded artist in the history of the Grammys, she's never taken Album of the Year. She lost the trophy to Adele in 2017 for Lemonade, in 2015 her self-titled album was beaten by Beck and in 2010 I Am…

What is Beyoncé's number one hit? ›

1. "Crazy in Love"

Has Beyoncé ever had a diamond album? ›

For starters, unlike Adele, Taylor Swift or Usher, Beyoncé has no diamond-selling albums (not even her double-album I Am … Sasha Fierce, which would've had to sell only 5 million to earn that certification).

Who broke the Grammy record? ›

Beyoncé has become the most awarded artist in Grammys history during a historic evening in Los Angeles. The singer, who was a late arrival at the ceremony after being stuck in traffic, won for best R&B song, best dance/electronic recording, best dance/electronic album and best traditional R&B performance.

Does Beyoncé have more Grammys than Jay Z? ›

Beyoncé's tally includes her pre-solo work as a member of Destiny's Child. Coming into Sunday's awards, she had won 28 Grammys, already making her the most awarded female artist in the awards' history. Jay has won 24 Grammys.

Who is the highest Grammy Award winner in history? ›

Beyoncé made history at the 2023 GRAMMYs by becoming the artist with the most GRAMMY wins — ever — when she won the GRAMMY for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album for her 2022 album, Renaissance. Beyoncé now counts 32 total GRAMMY wins.

What singer has 7 Grammys? ›

Rihanna -7 Grammy Award Wins.

Who has won the Grammys 11 times? ›

Taylor Swift: 11 Grammys

She did it with "1989" in 2016 too. Then in 2021, Taylor took home album of the year — yet again — for "folklore," and made history in the process. She's the only female artist to have won that coveted Grammy three times.

Who has five Grammys? ›

Stevie Wonder, 25

He swept five Grammys in each of those years (1973, 1974 and 1976).


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6. Beyonce breaks 🔥💔 Grammy Awards record 🎉 with 32nd win #beyonce #beyoncé
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