Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (2023)


Paper Mario, the first game in a long-running series, was first released in Japan for the Nintendo 64 in 2000 and elsewhere in 2001. Unlike other Mario games, Paper Mario had a unique visual style, as it everything was presented as 2D paper cutouts in a 3D world.

As with most Mario games, your task is to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. This time she stole the star staff and can make any wish come true. You must free all seven Star Spirits to gain the power needed to defeat Bowser and save Peach.

Part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass, Paper Mario is the latest release for the N64 portion. Like the other versions, it maintains the same presentation, visual style, and controls.

Below is the full documentcontrolled marioon the switch and the N64 controller for the switch. Game tips to follow.

Overworld Controls for Paper Mario Nintendo Switch

  • Move and move the cursor:L
  • Hop:A
  • Hammer:B (requires hammer)
  • Twist race:ZL
  • Toggle HUD:R-Come on
  • Articles menu:R-Left and Y
  • Menu for group members:R-Right
  • Party Member Skill:R-Down and X
  • Menu:+
  • Toggle left and right tab (in menu):ZLyR
  • Confirm (in the menu):A
  • Cancel (in the menu):B

Paper Mario Nintendo Switch has control issues

  • Mover cursor:L
  • Select action:A
  • Cancel:B
  • Change Attack Order:ZL
  • Action commands:A (requires lucky star)
Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (1)

Controls of the outside world of Paper Mario N64

  • Move and move the cursor:The analog knob
  • Hop:A
  • Hammer:B
  • Twist race:Z
  • Toggle HUD:Taxes
  • Articles menu:to divide
  • Menu for group members:C-Right
  • Party Member Skill:c-down
  • Menu:Begin
  • Toggle left and right tab (in menu):Z y R
  • Confirm (in the menu):A
  • Cancel (in the menu):B

Paper Mario N64 has control issues

  • Mover cursor:The analog knob
  • Select action:A
  • Cancel:B
  • Change Attack Order:Z
  • Action commands:A (requires lucky star)

Note that L and R are known as the left and right analog sticks on the Switch. R-Down or C-Down must be used on a specific party member's abilities in battle, so keep that in mind. You cannot remap the controller.

To enhance your gaming adventure, please read the tips below to prepare before you start playing Paper Mario.

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Tips for exploring the overworld in Paper Mario

Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (2)

The overworld is divided into different sections, with other areas represented by doors or paths leading off the main area. To reach even the next step on a ladder, you have to jump, which can make climbing the stairs a bit tedious. When you come across a green tube, it will lead you back to Mario's house.

One thing to ensure in each area is the interaction (A) with each bush and otherItems showing a red exclamation pointif you're nearby. Not every bush will net you an item, for example, but it's an easy and cheap way to earn some coins, especially early game.

Once you unlock the hammer about ten minutes into the game,Hammer (B) the tall trees you findlike them can drop items. These can be coins, consumables like mushrooms, or even a key item in the early stages of the game that happens to be a great gift for a specific NPC.

Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (3)

Memory blocks are rainbow-colored boxes with an "S" inside, similar to the weapon blocks in Mario Kart 64. As the name suggests,These allow you to save your game.if it hits However, Switch's "Sleep" feature allows you to create a suspend and restore point at any time by pressing the minus sign ().

You will also come across various interactive objects in the overworld. If you see a heart in a transparent box (heart block), this becomes rRecarga tus HP y Flower Points(FP, used for skills) completely.

Superblocks are blue circles in a gold box thatLevel up your party members. There is enough in the game to fully power up all of your party members.

Brick blocks can be hit in the air or on the ground with a jump (A) or a hammer (B), depending on the location. Some blocks may not produce anything, butQuestion mark blocks give you coins and items.. Some brick blocks will be question mark boxes in disguise, so hit them all!

Trampolines help you jump to higher altitudes. Certain areas of the game can only be accessed via a springboard, and some items also require the use of a springboard.

Bigger blocks, like the yellow block, which gets in the way early on,require the hammer to destroy. However, upgraded stone and metal blocks require upgrades for your hammer to destroy. These block both story-related paths and item quest paths, so gaining the ability to break them is crucial.

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The exclamation point switch is a switch with a white exclamation point that is activated by jumping on the switch. this willdiscover hidden paths or build bridges, and are usually used to solve puzzles, although the former represents a comic scene in the game. A blue one is unique, while a red one can be used multiple times.

You will also see your upcoming enemies (and battles) in the overworld. Some will attack you, some will not. Still, you can get an advantage before the fight, or turn the tables.

This is how the fighting works in Paper Mario

Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (4)

CanGet a free attack (first hit)jumping or hitting an enemy on the overworld map. You can also use certain party members to initiate a first strike, which deals more damage than Mario depending on the character. This always causes the enemy to take damage. Of course, if the fight involves multiple enemies, the front enemy will take the damage.

The other benefit is that if you successfully land a first strike against some flying enemies, you will beStart the fight on the ground and with damage. Flying enemies can only be hit with a jump attack, but once they're down, you can use Mario's hammer and your party members' ground attacks to deal damage. Landing a First Strike on flying enemies will make those fights less frustrating.

Be careful though, because if you fail your First Strike attempt, certain enemies will do it first hit damage. While Goombas don't do this early in the game, stronger enemies later in the game will make you pay for your preemptive bug.

Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (5)

In the battle menu, you can attack with jump or hammer (with Mario, upgrades require FP), use items, or strategize (red flag) by selecting the option in the semicircle menu. You can change the attack order with a party member using Z or ZL. Certain enemies cannot be attacked by jumping, as you'll find out early on with Spiked Goomba. Hit in these situations!

If you want to change group members, that option is a red flag for strategic planning. Once you have multiple party members, knowing their strengths and weaknesses is key to easier fights. Note that changing party members takes one turn, so you need to use one less attack or item.

When you use enhanced abilities, you consume Flower Points. You start with five, but you can increase this number up to a maximum of 50. Skills vary in how much FP they cost, and it is always recommended to go into boss fights with full HP and FP.

It is important to note that the entire groupcomparte HP, FP, Badge Points (BP) y Star Energy de Mario. This makes it a bit more challenging. You should have no problem taking on multiple enemies with your party members by your side, especially when using Action Commands.

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Paper Mario action commands explained

Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (6)

After arriving at the Shooting Star Summit and following the events that followed, Twink the Star presents Kid Mario with the Lucky Star, a gift from Peach. This allows you to issue Action Orders during combat.

In their simplest form, action commands can add extra damage to your attack and mitigate damage taken by enemies. There are three different types of action orders:Timing, maintenance and maceration.

Timing action commands require thisPress A just before an attack. On attack, this causes Mario or a party member to perform a consecutive attack. On defense, this blocks the attack and potentially negates damage based on character level. Some attacks cannot be blocked, and you can still take some damage when facing tougher enemies, though the damage will be reduced.

Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (7)

Keeping time actions requires you to doHold the left analog or analog stickon the controller until a threshold is reached and release the stick for a more powerful attack. For example, for Mario, this is the action command to use the hammer.

The mash action commands require thisTouch a button repeatedlyto do more damage. It's as easy as it sounds, so get your fingers mush ready!

How to level up in Paper Mario

Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (8)

In Paper Mario, you gain experience by defeating enemies by earning Star Points.When you accumulate 100 Star Points, you level up. Each enemy gives you a variable number of Star Points, with mini-bosses and bosses rewarding you with a higher number.

With each level reached, the amount of Star Points earned decreases. If Mario's level is equal to or higher than an enemy's, you will not get Star Points. If you return to the early stages of the game after completing a few levels, the Goombas will not reward you with Star Points as they are too strong and not a challenge.

With each level you go up, you can choose to add HP, FP or BP. At first it is likelyBetter to invest in HPand then when you have one or two party members and you've reached a few levels, invest in the other two. Investing in BP allows you to equip more badges while investing in FP for better skills in battle.

The only real place to farm experience comes later in the game, but the enemies shouldn't be so difficult that you'll have trouble getting through the game without having to farm enemies.

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Here are the maximum stats for the Mario character:

  • eben:27
  • CV:50
  • flower dots:50
  • Badge Points:30
  • stellar energy:7 (one for each of the seven spirits)

Invest your level ups however you see fit using the information above. There are eight chapters in the game plus the prologue, so you should be able to max out your stats before completing the game.

Why you need to collect Star Pieces

Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (9)

In Paper Mario, Star Pieces are a collectible item that plays a crucial role:They exchange them for badges!While not all badges are traded for Star Pieces, many can only be obtained by trading Star Pieces.

Badges add certain effects, such as B. Chill Out, which prevents the enemy's first attacks from landing and can therefore be critical to your success. Equipping badges costs BP, so it's up to you to judge which badges work best with your BP.

Star Pieces are scattered throughout the world and sometimes hidden underground. They are yellow diamond-shaped objects that glow on the screen. They are similar to the Revives from the Pokémon games.There are 130 Star Pieceson Paper Mario.

Paper Mario: Controls Guide for Nintendo Switch and Tips (10)

You can exchange your Star Pieceson the second floor of Merluvlee's PHint by talking to Merlow. It's not a one-for-one trade, as some badges require multiple, sometimes dozens, of star pieces to unlock. Some badges have multiple shapes, such as Attack FX A through E, bringing the total badge count to 80. The total number of Star Pieces is the equivalentneeded to unlock all badgesby Merlow.

The plaque on Mario's house shows how many of the 130 star parts and 80 badges you have unlocked. Check your progress reports here.

Paper Mario aims to win back another generation of gamers once again with its release on the Switch Online Expansion Pass. Use the tips above to enjoy the game and its fun and comical story. Now go and save Princess Peach!

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