Top 4 ways: how to get from Stockholm airport to the city center - Karen Roldan (2023)

Knowing how to get from Stockholm Airport to the city center is essential when planning a trip to Sweden's capital, Stockholm. I still remember the first time I got off a plane at this airport. Now, after countless trips, I find airport and downtown stops routine on my monthly commute.

During my travels, I have explored different routes and modes of transportation between Stockholm Airport and the city center. This guide shares the information I've gathered and describes each option in terms of cost, convenience and travel time.

Whether you're visiting Stockholm for business or pleasure, my goal is to help you figure out how to get from Stockholm Airport to the city center in the most seamless and stress-free way possible.

Transport options: advantages, disadvantages and costs

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Navigating a new city starts with understanding the best ways to get around, especially if you've just landed and are excited to start exploring. Stockholm offers a variety of transportation options that can take you from the airport to the city center.

Each option has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, as well as different effects on your travel budget. As I live near the airport, I experienced many times how to get from Stockholm airport to the city center. For me a taxi direct to and from Stockholm airport is the best.

  • The fastest way: Arlanda Express train
  • Budget Friendly:Airport buses Airport buses
  • The best for the team: Uber taxi

Arlanda Express train


  • Fastest option (only 18 minutes)
  • Convenient and environmentally friendly
  • Departs every 10 minutes


  • Duration; a one-way ticket costs 320 SEK
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OfArlanda Express trainis the fastest way to travel between Stockholm and Stockholm Arlanda Airport. It only takes 18 minutes, making it the most convenient option for travelers who want to get to and from the airport quickly.

The train has comfortable seats, plenty of luggage space and free Wi-Fi and electricity in every seat. It also has a range of accessibility options, including wheelchair access and reserved seating for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at kiosks at both stations.

Airport buses Airport buses


  • The most affordable option. a one-way ticket costs SEK 129
  • The seats are comfortable
  • Modern bus with free wifi


  • The slowest way to get to the airport (45 minutes to 1 hour)
  • Multiple stops. travel time depends on traffic
  • It no longer stops at Terminal 5

Airport buses Airport busesis an economical choice for traveling to and from the airport. They have several stops along the way, making the journey approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic.

You can buy your ownAirport bus tickets onlineor at the ticket machines.

Public Transportation


  • Budget friendly
  • Opportunity to experience local transport


  • Multiple stops. bank transfers may be required
  • The longest travel time
  • Requires an additional ticket. SEK 171 in total
  • Departs twice an hour
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If you want to enjoy local transportation and save money at the same time, you can choose to travel to and from the airport by bus (pendeltåg).

You can see the available routes fromThe SL app website, and you can also buy tickets through the app. Depending on the schedule, you may need to take the bus and transfer to the commuter train.

You could also use theSJ InterCitytrain. It goes directly between Stockholm Airport and the city.

Uber taxi


  • Door to door
  • Convenient for early morning or late arrivals
  • Cheaper for two travelers
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  • More expensive; 500 – 650 SEC
  • Travel time depends on traffic
  • Taxi fares in Sweden are not regulated

Traveling by taxi is the most convenient option for people who want to get from Stockholm airport to the city center quickly. Taxis are readily available at the airport and provide door-to-door service so you can avoid transfers or queues.

It may be slightly more expensive than other transport options depending on your destination.

I usually use Uber for rides to and from the airport. But in Terminal 2 it is difficult to book Uber or Bolt. The only option left is to take a taxi waiting outside. Many Uber and Bolt drivers in Terminal 2 will accept your reservation but will not come to you. They often make you wait more than 15 minutes for you or the driver to cancel the ride.

Step-by-step guide: how to get from Stockholm airport to the city center

Top 4 ways: how to get from Stockholm airport to the city center - Karen Roldan (1)

Now that you have a general idea of ​​the options available, let's take a look at the step-by-step guide on how to get from Stockholm Airport to the city center with each of the options for a better understanding.

Once you arrive in Stockholm, you can stay connected usingAiralo, a global eSIM store that offers convenient and affordable international data packages.

Top 4 ways: how to get from Stockholm airport to the city center - Karen Roldan (2)Top 4 ways: how to get from Stockholm airport to the city center - Karen Roldan (3)

Option 1: Arlanda Express train

  1. After exiting the baggage claim area, follow the signs for "Arlanda Express" or "Trains".
  2. Buy your ticket from one of the Arlanda Express self-service machines or pre-purchase online to save time.
  3. Board the train and enjoy the quick 18-minute journey to Stockholm Central Station.
  4. Once in the center you can walk to your accommodation, take the bus or take a short taxi ride.

Option 2: Airport buses

  1. After leaving the baggage claim, follow the signs for "Flygbussarna" or "Bussen".
  2. Buy your ticketat the Flygbussarna counter, at a self-service machine or online in advance.
  3. Find the right bus stop for your destination and board the bus.
  4. Sit back and relax on the journey into the city centre.
  5. Once in the center you can walk to your accommodation, take the bus or take a short taxi ride.

Option 3: Public transport

Depending on whether you take the SJ InterCity train or the SL train, the only difference is the line number.

  1. After exiting the baggage claim area, follow the 'Trains' signs.
  2. Buy your ticket.
  3. If you take the SL, you will have to board on platform 2.
  4. Once in the center you can walk to your accommodation, take the bus or take a short taxi ride.

Stockholm Airports

Stockholm is a popular destination in Scandinavia. While most visitors arrive via Stockholm Arlanda Airport, there are three other airports serving the city: Stockholm Bromma Airport, Skavsta Airport and Västerås Airport.

Bromma Stockholm Airport: a convenient alternative

  • Position:Only about 8 km from the center of Stockholm. Bromma Airport is closer to the city than any other airport in the Stockholm area.
  • Airlines:It mainly offers domestic flights, but also offers some international routes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Finland.
  • Advantages:Proximity to the city center, smaller and less crowded than Arlanda.
  • Disadvantages:Limited flight options and fewer facilities.

Stockholm Bromma Airportis the closest airport to the city center. It serves mainly domestic flights, with some international routes operated by regional airlines. Bromma's smaller size and fewer crowds make it a convenient alternative for travelers looking for a more streamlined airport experience.

However, the trade-off for proximity and smaller crowds is a limited number of flight options and fewer amenities compared to Arlanda. If you fly within Sweden or nearby countries and value the convenience of a wide range of services, Bromma could be the perfect choice for you.

Skavsta Airport: the budget-friendly option

  • Position:It is located near Nyköping, about 100 km from Stockholm.
  • Airlines:It mainly serves low-cost carriers such as Norwegian Air and Wizz Air.
  • Advantages:Cheap flights, easy access to Nyköping, direct route from central Stockholm to Skavsta viaThe flying buses.
  • Disadvantages:Further away from the city center, longer travel time in Stockholm
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Located 100 km (62 mi) southwest of Stockholm,Luchthaven Skavstait's a popular choice for travelers on a budget. Skavsta mainly serves low-cost airlines such as Norwegian Air and Wizz Air, offering affordable flights to various European destinations.

While the distance from the city center may be a disadvantage for some, Skavsta's location allows easy access to the picturesque town of Nyköping. Travelers can take this opportunity to explore a charming, lesser-known Swedish destination before heading to Stockholm.

Västerås Airport: a quieter gateway

  • Position:Regional airport, about an hour's drive from Stockholm.
  • Airlines:Ryanair only. It offers routes to Alicante, London and Malaga.
  • Advantages:Fewer people, calm atmosphere.
  • Disadvantages:Limited flight options, further from the city center.

Västerås Airport, located about 100 km northwest of Stockholm, is a quieter alternative for travelers looking for a quieter airport experience. Västerås is mainly served by regional airlines and offers limited flight options, but its smaller size and fewer crowds make it an attractive option for those looking to avoid the crowds of larger airports.

Please note that Västerås is further away from central Stockholm, so you should factor in the extra travel time when planning your trip.

Figuring out how to get from Stockholm Airport to the city center using Stockholm's various transport options doesn't have to be a challenge! Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, understanding the different ways to get from the airport to the city center is an essential part of planning your trip.

I hope this guide has given you an insight into the pros, cons and costs of each transport method - from the fast Arlanda Express train to the budget Flgbussarna airport coaches and even local public transport options.

Have a nice trip and enjoy your time in Stockholm!

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