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The quiet days after the high-sales Christmas business can feel like a vacuum for online retailers: How will the seasonal business continue? Then it pays to consult your calendar to prepare in advance for seasonal peaks and opportunities that are scattered throughout the year.

Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​​​​​Monday have become firm fixtures on the ecommerce calendar, but when and what are the other key ecommerce dates to watch out for? First, when is Amazon Prime Day?

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

While not yet confirmed, Amazon Prime Day is expected to return in 2023Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th July. The Amazon Prime Day 2022 was themore successful for your sales partnerswith Prime members saving over $1.7 billion and growing revenue by over 300% compared to the previous daily average. What will this year bring? One thing is for sure, make sure you have your stock levels planned for this event in advance, whereE-Commerce-Callcentercan help.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023 and other important e-commerce dates this year. - There was (1)

When did Amazon Prime Day 2022 take place?

In 2022, Amazon surprised everyone with two Prime Day events: the first took place on July 12 and 13, and the second on October 11 and 12. In 2021 the event took place on June 21st and 22nd.

How long is Prime Day 2023?

We expect Prime Day to follow the same pattern as previous years: a 48-hour (2-day) event.

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What to expect from Prime Day 2023?

In 2022 Amazon surprised us with a second Prime Day. As 2023 is a challenging year for e-commerce, we can expect more surprises and strong offers.

When will Amazon confirm the exact date of Prime Day?

Amazon will announce the exact dates closer to the event. The event marketing campaign usually starts a month before the event. The reason for this mystery about the exact date is simple. Imagine if customers decided to wait until Prime Day to buy something, sales would be low for a whole month.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is Amazon's biggest sale: for two days, thousands of products are offered with special discounts for Amazon Prime subscribers. But customers without a Prime subscription can also benefit from discounts.

Benefits for customers

Prime Day is one of the best deals outside of Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day. It's a no-brainer if you want to buy Amazon devices and subscription services. And it's one of the biggest opportunities of the year to buy products from your Wishlist at special prices.

It's important to check if a Prime membership can save you money on Prime Day. To do this, check the discounts you can get with and without a subscription and compare them to the subscription fee. Don't forget there are additional Amazon Prime benefits.

Merchant Benefits

The event is huge, with a massive marketing campaign. Merchants can increase their visibility and sales by offering discounts. They can sell excess inventory without damaging their reputation. And you can also benefit from the buzz and traffic generated by the event.

If you have a great offer or differentiated product, you can place it on a website that covers the event and multiply your sales.

What are people saying about Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is one of the best opportunities to buy Amazon subscription devices and services at discounted prices. However, customers can be disappointed if the products they want are not included in the offer. And that's exactly what happened in previous editions.

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However, Prime Day is still a very important day in the sales calendar. If you sell on Amazon, consider the event an opportunity to increase your sales (and our support can help manage your ecommerce logistics during peak sales).

When is the best time to shop, Black Friday or Prime Day?

Both events offer savings opportunities for bargain hunters. Black Friday has an advantage: with more competition, it can offer more options. However, Black Friday only takes place in November. So if you need to buy something beforehand, Prime Day is an excellent option.

Other important eCommerce dates in 2023

Aside from Amazon Prime, there are plenty of other events where consumers will be pocketing. Here are some of the dates to remember:

Valentine's Day / Valentine's Day

One13th FebruaryWe see Galentine's Day, an offshoot of Valentine's Day, when girlfriends or girls treat each other to gifts instead of the traditional Valentine's gifts from their partners. The following day brings us the more traditional Valentine's Day, when gifts are exchanged between loved ones. Popular gifts are, Flower,chocolates, zAlcohol.

Singles Tag

There are now two separate days in the calendar;February 15 and November 11 (11.11), the latter being the most well-known day as it has been a mainstay in China in recent years. Singles Day sees singles giving gifts to themselves and other singles to cheer themselves up about not being in a relationship. After all, there is always a reason to treat yourself!

London Fashion Week

startingFebruary 17thLondon Fashion Week brings top designers to London to showcase their latest creations. Often, at the end of the week, premium fashion influences and encourages people to refresh their wardrobes, but it's not just premium brands that are seeing an increase in sales.Affordable fast fashion brandsproved they were riding this wave too, releasing designs similar to those shown at London Fashion Week and offering an accessible route to the latest style.

Your Pet's Love Day

It's not just people who share love. Around20. FebruaryIt's the official day to show your furry best friend some love and appreciation. Usually this comes in the form of affection, but with lots of newsPet toys, accessoriesand even healthy pet food plans coming out, people are turning to gifts to really spoil their pets on Pet Love Day. There is also an International Pet Day on April 11th.

pancake day

A British tradition that falls on the day (21st of February) before the start of Lent, and its origin is related to the need to use flour, sugar and eggs that could not be used for the next 40 days. Today there are easier ways to celebrate Pancake Day (with delicious pancakes, of course). And there are many ways to do thatOnline food seller: Pancake kits, pancake mix, pancake pans, sauces, jams and the classic Nutella.

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World Book Day

enter March,2nd Marchbrings us World Book Day (UK) with another World Book Day (USA).23. April. From New York Times bestsellers to children's books, the world of literacy shows its appreciation to authors on this day, which often sees an increase ofbook orderand sharing on social media.

St. Patrick's Day

On March 17th, the world turns green as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Guinness and other alcoholic beverages are likely to be consumed heavily, so don't need the luck of the Irish to see sales increasing if you are onealcohol dealer.

Mother's Day

A date no son or daughter should forget! Mother's Day is celebrated on two different dates;19th March(Great Britain) and14. May(USA and Asia). Popular Mother's Day gifts can vary based on taste and hobby, but common flowers,Cosmetics, and mode are consistent.

Get to know the customer day

Ecommerce sellers should always look for ways to get to know their customers. Personalization is a great way to increase sales, give back business, and increase order value. It's also a great way to reduce cart abandonment rates. There are some great tools that can help ecommerce sellers with this, such as:clarificationeKlevu. this day (20. April) brings even more focus.

Mental Health Awareness Month

It couldis International Mental Health Awareness, where we pay special attention to mental well-being and the things that can affect your state of mind. wellness products likeVitamins and food supplements, especially organicalong with exercisessporting itemsare naturally linked to improved mental health, so sales of these product lines are expected to increase.

royal coronation

Time to raise the little flag! Street parties galore across the UK as it is the King's Coronation. Union Jack will be out there in abundancehouses and gardensin the UK and we expect increasessale too.

National Wine Day

An event not so closely linked to improving mental health is National Wine Day in25. May. Whether you're an avid sommelier or just enjoying a glass or two at the end of the day, National Wine Day celebrates one of the oldest drinks on earth. Infruity red wines to radiant whitesIt's certainly an opportunity to look forward to, but don't overdo it!

fathers day

Raise a toast to the old man18. June, are traditional gifts for Father's DayDIY tools, beer and barbecue accessories depending on the season. Marketplaces will be offering these products and more ahead of Father's Day, so optimize your relevant listings accordingly.

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FIFA Women's World Cup

starting20th of JulyThe FIFA Women's World Cup is back and after the Lionesses' success at last year's European Championships, we can expect plenty of interest and spectators this year. sales oneSporting goods and team clothingwill likely increase at this time as well.

International Beer Day

Well, if we're going to have a wine day, we need a beer day, right? International Beer Day is upon us4. Augustand it's an occasion to celebrate all kinds ofAlcoholicand non-alcoholic beers, lagers, stouts and bitters.

Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup starts in8. Septemberthen screens and stadiums around the world will see rugby's elite stars compete for the sport's ultimate prize. Game viewing parties will also be popularSportswear Lines. Did you know that Huboo is order fulfillment forBristol Berries? We can offer order fulfillment for sports teams here in the UK and internationally, you can get in touch with usHere.


Originally started in Germany but increasingly adopted by other countries, Oktoberfest is a traditional event that begins in17.09and runs until October. Expect an increase during this periodalcohol and foodSale!


Trick or treating? Consumers will be looking for scary good dealsspooky costumes, sweets etcdecorationsoneOctober 31st. Ecommerce sellers shouldn't be put off, but this could be a great opportunity to streamline your product discovery to push your Halloween-inspired products to the top of their listings.


A noble charitable cause that begins inNovemberSee people growing mustaches to raise money. While razor, clipper and razor sales may decline during this period,Hygiene productFor beards and mustaches there may be an increase in search volume to keep those nose neighbors looking impeccable!


The tradition of thanking friends and loved ones is an important date on the American calendar. November 23rd is the date this year and officially opens thegift donationSeason. Preparing for this will lead to a sustained surge in consumer spending and lead to some key dates in the e-commerce diary.

Black Friday

The first of these is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. With gift cards and money exchanged on Thanksgiving, Black Friday evolved as people spent that bonus money on goods. That's why Black Friday is (24.11) is always the day after Thanksgiving, but retailers have recently extended itBlack Fridayto cover the weeks leading up as well, so there are plenty of opportunities for consumers to make relative bargains in online markets and in stores as well as in-store.

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A quick successor to Black Friday is Cyber ​​​​Monday falling into it27.11. Those who missed the Black Friday deals can still find online deals on products andOnline retailers need to be vigilant to ensure their stock levelscan meet the increased consumer demand during this busy shopping season.

Important dates for e-commerce sellers

So there you have it, a busy year ahead for both online and offline retailers. Being prepared for these spikes in demand is critical to maximizing sales, ensuring repeat business, and increasing sales.Outsource order fulfillmentit's a way to stay ahead of the game and set yourself up for success this year.

To learn more about our fulfillment solution and how it can help your business grow,get in touch!


What are the dates for Amazon Prime Day? ›

The first Prime Day of 2022 took place on July 12 to 13.
History of Prime Day dates.
Prime Day 2020Tuesday and Wednesday, October 13-14 (delayed due to the pandemic)
Prime Day 2019Monday and Tuesday, July 15-16
Prime Day 2018Monday and Tuesday, July 16-17
Prime Day 2017Monday and Tuesday, July 11-12
5 more rows
Oct 18, 2022

Is there another Amazon Prime Day coming up? ›

The second Amazon Prime Day of 2022 will fall on October 11 and October 12.

How much is Amazon Prime 2023? ›

Current Amazon Prime membership pricing: $14.99 per month. $139 per year.

Is everything on sale on Prime Day? ›

Everything from gadgets to clothes to household necessities will be on sale during the 48-hour event, and if you're a Prime member, you'll have access to all of the deals on Amazon's site.

Is Amazon Prime Day cheaper? ›

Prime Day is literally 48 hours of deals, steals, and lowered prices for those who are Amazon Prime members. “Amazon's Prime Day is known for deep discounts on Amazon's own brands and devices because they have more wiggle room in their margins,” explains Bodge.

Is Prime Day only in July? ›

Prime Day is now Amazon's biggest sale of the year. It is usually held during the summer months. In 2022, it was July 12 and July 13. The annual two-day deals event is for Prime members only.

What are the best Prime Day deals 2022? ›

  • Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) $160 $90 at Amazon.
  • Apple 10.2-inch iPad. $329 $270 at Amazon. $330 $280 at Target.
  • Apple iPad Mini (64 GB) $499 $399 at Amazon.
  • Apple MacBook Air Laptop (2020) $999 $799 at Amazon.
Oct 12, 2022

Will there be a Prime Day in October 2022? ›

At last, Prime Day is here! Amazon Prime day is back! Last month, the e-commerce giant announced a surprise second Amazon Prime Day in 2022 would take place on October 11-12.

What is the prime early access sale? ›

Similar to Prime Day, the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is a two-day shopping event that features impressive sitewide markdowns. It's aimed towards Prime members, offering subscribers exclusive deals and discounts during the 48-hour sale.


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